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Tuesday Tunes – “License to Kill” by Jason Barrows

You know that awesome feeling you get when you discover new music and love it as soon as the first song starts? That’s exactly how I felt listening to Jason Barrrows’ new album, Islands of My Soul. Through poignant lyrics and 1980s-influenced melodies, the seven-track album explores life, faith, and salvation. “License to Kill” uses metaphors and vivid imagery to illustrate Christ’s death on the cross for our sins, making it a standout track. The lyrics are both simple and thought-provoking, and they gave me a much-needed reminder of God’s love. Islands of My Soul is available on NoiseTrade and I highly recommend giving the full album a listen. It takes you on quite a memorable journey.

The fight / Oh, it is over and won / So hold your head up high / Into the setting sun

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Interview with Lullwater

From left: Brett Strickland, Joe Wilson, John Strickland, and Roy Beatty

From left: Brett Strickland, Joe Wilson, John Strickland, and Roy Beatty

Gene Simmons may have said that rock music is dead, but Lullwater, an alternative rock band from Athens, GA, is intent on keeping the genre very much alive. Lullwater formed in 2007 and has performed with their current lineup since 2012, consisting of John Strickland (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Brett Strickland (lead guitar/vocals), Roy “Ray” Beatty (bass guitar/backing vocals), and Joe Wilson (drums). Lullwater’s self-titled album, released on September 17, 2013, pays homage to the grunge bands of the early 1990s who influenced their sound. Recorded on tape at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, WA and produced by Jonathan Plum, the album contains thirteen raw, energetic tracks that showcase Lullwater as a definite act to watch.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lullwater before their October 11, 2014 show at The Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC while on tour with Flyleaf and Ryan White.


Tuesday Tunes – “Take What I Can Get” by Matthew Mayfield

This week’s Tuesday Tunes features one of my favorite musicians, Matthew Mayfield. To date, he has released eight EPs and two full-length albums. “Take What I Can Get” is the second track on his 2012 album, A Banquet for Ghosts. In this 2013 AbsolutePunk.net interview, Mayfield discussed his reasons for focusing heavily on EPs instead of albums.



Tuesday Tunes – “Running” by Austin Basham

I’ve surfaced from the depths of midterm week studying to bring the first of a new weekly series – Tuesday Tunes. I’m shifting the blog to contain a mix of music and film content, so I figured that sharing some of the music I’m listening to each week would be a great way to begin.

First up, here’s Running, a new single from folk musician Austin Basham.


Blog Update

Hello everyone. As I begin a new era of writing and reviewing, I updated the blog with a new theme, new pages to view samples of my work, and a more efficient method to contact me. New entries will go live in the coming days.

This summer, I completed an internship in public relations. Please visit my Published Writings page to see the articles I have written.

Short and Sweet #7 – “Back to Solitude”

This afternoon in my producing class, we covered a LOT. It was my third and final class of the day and I took at least four pages worth of barely legible notes on budgeting, treatments, loglines, and some other stuff I’ve yet to make out. My brain feels a bit mushy right now, so what better way to cure a mushy brain than watch a film that forces it to think?

“Back to Solitude” is a 2011 short film written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks. You’ll have to figure out the “secret” yourself, but I will tell you that the film has some very nice tones, cinematography, and moving narration. Definitely a well-executed film that’s worth a viewing or two.

Short and Sweet #6 – “Don’t Stop”

For those who don’t know, I am a machinima nerd. I watch it, critique it, drool over it, and actually make it myself. “But what the heck is machinima?” you ask. In short, machinima (a combination of the words machine + animation) is the use of a video game engine to create a film. People have made machinima with games like Halo, The Sims, Second Life, and machinima-specific programs such as Moviestorm. This Short and Sweet features one of my favorite machinima films, Don’t Stop, by overdramaticsss on YouTube.

Don’t Stop is a music video set to Innerpartysystem’s song of the same title. It centers around a young celebrity who has money, adoring fans, women, everything.

Everything but happiness.