Tuesday Tunes – “Take What I Can Get” by Matthew Mayfield

This week’s Tuesday Tunes features one of my favorite musicians, Matthew Mayfield. To date, he has released eight EPs and two full-length albums. “Take What I Can Get” is the second track on his 2012 album, A Banquet for Ghosts. In this 2013 AbsolutePunk.net interview, Mayfield discussed his reasons for focusing heavily on EPs instead of albums.



Tuesday Tunes – “Running” by Austin Basham

I’ve surfaced from the depths of midterm week studying to bring the first of a new weekly series – Tuesday Tunes. I’m shifting the blog to contain a mix of music and film content, so I figured that sharing some of the music I’m listening to each week would be a great way to begin.

First up, here’s Running, a new single from folk musician Austin Basham.


Blog Update

Hello everyone. As I begin a new era of writing and reviewing, I updated the blog with a new theme, new pages to view samples of my work, and a more efficient method to contact me. New entries will go live in the coming days.

This summer, I completed an internship in public relations. Please visit my Published Writings page to see the articles I have written.

Short and Sweet #7 – “Back to Solitude”

This afternoon in my producing class, we covered a LOT. It was my third and final class of the day and I took at least four pages worth of barely legible notes on budgeting, treatments, loglines, and some other stuff I’ve yet to make out. My brain feels a bit mushy right now, so what better way to cure a mushy brain than watch a film that forces it to think?

“Back to Solitude” is a 2011 short film written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks. You’ll have to figure out the “secret” yourself, but I will tell you that the film has some very nice tones, cinematography, and moving narration. Definitely a well-executed film that’s worth a viewing or two.

Short and Sweet #6 – “Don’t Stop”

For those who don’t know, I am a machinima nerd. I watch it, critique it, drool over it, and actually make it myself. “But what the heck is machinima?” you ask. In short, machinima (a combination of the words machine + animation) is the use of a video game engine to create a film. People have made machinima with games like Halo, The Sims, Second Life, and machinima-specific programs such as Moviestorm. This Short and Sweet features one of my favorite machinima films, Don’t Stop, by overdramaticsss on YouTube.

Don’t Stop is a music video set to Innerpartysystem’s song of the same title. It centers around a young celebrity who has money, adoring fans, women, everything.

Everything but happiness.


More Thoughts on “Upstream Color”

Note: This post contains spoilers and is intended for those who have seen Upstream Color. This is not a review of the film, but rather, some of my thoughts on it as well a place for discussion. If you’re looking for my actual review of  Upstream Color, you can read it here.

I’m going to be completely honUpstream Color_couchest. I’m putting myself under feeling the pressure to make this post amazing. I’m still amazed by the response to my first review and I’m not sure this post will be anywhere near as articulate. Still, I hope you’re able to find some sort of meaning in these words. For inspiration, I’m listening to the soundtrack as I write this. I need friends. Please buckle your seatbelt and prepare for a long series of thoughts and a few Biblical references. Shall we begin?


What’s Next?

Hello all, here’s what to expect next on Take Three:

  1. HUGE thanks to everyone who read my first Upstream Color review. I mainly wrote it as a way to sift through my thoughts and had no idea so many people would find beauty in it. So thank you. It means so much to me that people would take the time to read this unknown little film student’s blog. I will write 1 or 2 more reviews on the film, hopefully this weekend when I have some time!
  2. Yesterday, I got a new DSLR! :-D I haven’t yet decided what my next project will be, but when I know, you will know.
  3. I have started every film student’s worst nightmare – the annual summer internship hunt. If you know anyone in the film world who would like having me on their set or in their office and can pass along their information, that’d be awesomesauce.
  4. Yesterday also marked the start of a new semester. Let’s just say I have officially kissed my social life goodbye until May.
  5. I have a few ideas for the next few Short and Sweet posts. I just need time to write the blogs.

Stay tuned for more blogs in the very near future!

With hugs and love (especially to the Upstream Color family who keep finding ways to make my day over the interwebs),